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The purpose of making patient care cheaper and more effective with the intensive use of technology is what unites us and makes us exceptional.


We are deeply aware of the problems we set out to solve and we apply hyperautomation as a tool to deliver fast and impactful results.



João Marcelo Alves

João Marcelo founded med.driven to solve the problems of hospital management that he experienced for more than 10 years as Executive Director and CFO of hospitals. His management knowledge combined with his interest and experience in analytics and software made it possible to realize his vision.


João was co-founder of 4 companies in different sectors, two in technology, and has over 15 years of experience as a C-Level of companies in the areas of health, industry and consulting. Professor of strategy and finance in graduate and master courses. He is a member of innovation and technology hubs and associations.

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Gustavo Amoroso

Gustavo has 18 years of experience in managing Data Analytics, RPA, IOT and IA projects, working in large companies as a CIO and CTO.


He was co-founder of 2 startups in the areas of Data Analytics and AI. Professor of undergraduate courses in engineering, data science and management.

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Diego Videira

Diego has 15 years of experience in managing teams aimed at customer experience in companies in the health, industry and technology sectors.


Over the past 8 years, he has structured the area of ​​customer success/experience in startups.

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Roberta Alves

Roberta has more than 10 years of experience in people management in Logistics and Education companies. She has specialization in HR Management and Organizational Psychology.

Know-how in organizational culture, T&D and performance evaluation. Roberta is our OKR Evangelist and an expert in conflict management and cultural alignment of the team.

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