We empower healthcare managers to make faster and more accurate decisions


Pain Points

Are the contracts signed with companies providing healthcare services fully fulfilled?

Do I have effective control over payments made?


med.driven assures hospitals that payments to healthcare providers and facilities staff reflect the hours actually worked and procedures performed by healthcare professionals with those companies.


Through the integration of our specialized med.driven calc® software with hospital access control devices [IOTs], we crosscheck contracts to the hours and procedures actually performed by care teams, generating reports that indicate the amounts to be paid and comparative intelligence dashboards for the companies hired from different hospitals within the same hospital network.


We also accurately point out the hours worked and their respective values by company and care team, enabling the exact apportionment of the hours worked in care.


To the Hospital

  • Labor risk reduction: segregation of HR processes, security and accessibility of data and information, uniformity and integration of contract and financial management processes.

  • Full control over fulfillment of the work schedule, surgical and examination production and their associated payments.

  • Accurate cost-sharing of service hours by company and staff in closed units.

  • Electronic management of documents of health professionals linked to contractors.

  • Report approval and productivity sheet customized, fully digital (paperless) processes.