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We change the healthcare game.

We reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of care by applying convergent technologies to hospital's clinical and facilities staff management.

Why healthcare has to change?


Delivering healthcare that protects the quality of life of every patient has never been more important, and it’s also never been more challenging. With constantly increasing demands placed on every healthcare provider and member of staff, it’s vital that all the available time and resources are properly aligned to deliver a service that cares for the patient. 


The problem is that because of the diverse range of patient needs, finding the best way to tackle the problem can feel like it’s impossible. Budgets, time constraints, staff morale and conflicting approaches all make it difficult to provide the increased patient care time that has been shown to have a dramatic impact on the reduction of hospital’s readmissions. What’s needed is an innovative approach that uses real-time data to create the insights that allow every health organization to provide the fast, efficient and affordable care that makes all the difference.

A solution that saves lives.


med.driven is a completely unique, innovation driven solution that allows you to track patient care, optimize treatment times, and create an inspiring pay for performance model that rewards your best performers. The result is a highly motivated team working in a culture where every patient gets the individual care and attention that will dramatically reduce their chances of being readmitted.

By focusing on rewarding excellent performance, med.driven powers an open, honest and transparent pay for performance model of care that saves lives. As your team see the benefits to their individual patients, their career and the organization as a whole, they’ll feel truly invested in spending that all-important additional time with the people who need it most.

Bring everything together and you have med.driven: a fast, efficient and affordable tech-based solution that ensures you retain your best staff and reduce your readmission rate.

We were born to change healthcare.

We are med.driven.


A solution that changes everything.


med.driven is an easy-to-deploy, affordable solution that changes how you approach healthcare. With non-invasive sensors and tracking technology that measures the time spent by your team with each individual patient, med.driven provides you with unique data and insights.

It’s an innovative approach that ensures each patient receives the time, care and attention they need, and one which empowers your team to do more than they ever thought possible. By realigning resources in a way that allows your team to do their best work for each and every patient, you can create a culture in which every member of the team sees the big picture by understanding the benefits of increased patient time.

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