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Know, in real time, if prescribed care
was actually performed


Monitor your patient's interaction with the clinical staff and medical equipments.

The patient, in your hospital or in home care, at the center of care.


With [care.tracker] clinical managers of hospitals and home care services can track the interactions of their staff and medical equipments with the patient and receive real-time alerts via email or SMS when the prescribed care is not performed or happens outside the specified time.

Data generated by [care.tracker] can be cross-checked with clinical patient data generated by monitoring systems used by the hospital to analyze the cost-effectiveness of care and the impact on readmission rates and clinical outcome.

[care.tracker] also makes it possible to pay professionals for bedside care time and clinical outcomes, that is, for the value delivered to patients.


But why bedside care time?


Clinical surveys from North American universities have measured the correlation between the length of bedside care of a critically ill patient admitted to a hospital or in home care by physicians, nurses and physiotherapists, and hospital readmission rates. The longer period of care at the bedside generates a significant drop in hospital readmission, proving to be an important proxy for the effectiveness of care.


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