We empower healthcare managers to make faster and more accurate decisions


Pain Points

Does the size of the contracted care team correspond to the current demand for care?

How to align the interests of the clinical staff with those of the hospital, Health Operators and patients for the best possible clinical outcome?


We measure clinical staff's bedside care time, crossing their productivity with clinical outcome indicators in different hospital units. Through AI algorithms, we suggest the amount to be paid to each of the team members based on individual merit.


The length of stay in each hospital unit allows our med.driven bot to analyze the correct dimensioning of clinical and facilities teams, continuously adapting contracts to the reality of demand and suggesting to hospital managers contracts' necessary changes.


To the Hospital

  • Accurate information to support the analysis of the sizing of the care teams.

  • Knowledge of the effective time of the teams of the contracted companies spent with providing care.

For Contractors

  • Accurate information to support sizing analysis of their care teams.

  • Compensate team members for metrics linked to time spent on care, paying better to the most productive professionals.