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Hospital Management

Carlos Oyama served for more than 20 years as Executive Supply Chain Director at Albert Einstein Hospital and United Health Group. He is a member of the Board of Directors of different companies in the Health sector. Engineer with an MBA in Health Management.

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Clinical Management

Dr. Rafael Munerato served for 7 years as a Technical Director of Hospital Santa Paula and Dasa Group. He works as a Medical Consultant for several health companies, such as Rede D´Or São Luiz, Functional Health Tech and Kronberg Group. He is a professor and speaker in the field of health business management. Cardiologist with an MBA in Health Management.

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Health Tech

Dr. Ricardo Ramos is currently the VP of Functional Health Tech. He served as the Technical Director of Qualicorp Group and was the founder of several startups in the healthcare field. He is a General Surgeon and a Specialist in Business Management.

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RH Tech

Cecília Lanat has over 15 years of experience in Human Capital in consulting and technology companies, with expertise in building teams for high growth companies. She is a partner and co-founder of 3 Technology companies (Movile, Delivery Center and Intera) . She is a Lawyer with specialization in Human Resources Management.

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