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the hyper-automation solution created to transform your hospital management processes.

End-to-end hospital's contract management automation and unique insights and real-time alerts to optimize your bedside care cost and clinical governance.

A more agile and effective management, without bureaucracy and without rework.

Our solutions were created to reduce the waste of time and money in hospital's management processes and control. We work hand in hand with your staff to automate processes, increase your operational efficiency and make your team's work more human.

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Crazy about ROI!

We deliver consistent ROI for our costumers. Before hiring med.driven, our clients already knows the return our solutions generate for his business.

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Want to increase the compliance of your hospital's assistance and facilities contracts with the use of IOTs and analytics?


We empower healthcare managers to make

more agile and accurate decisions.

We hyperautomate management processes to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness of care in hospitals.

med.driven products


Automated contract management


One-click medical

fee billing




Otimize o custo e o pessoal assistencial


Real time prescribed

care compliance


We are LGPD compliant!


med.driven has done its homework and is ready to meet all the requirements of Brazil's General Data Protection Act.


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We believe that the complexity of health management requires collaboration among complementary skills and the convergence of different technologies. We have partnered to accelerate the adoption of technologies that have a material impact on the bottom line generated for our customers.


“med.driven solutions come to market to revolutionize the way hospital management is done. med.driven is the most modern option for hospital administrators to improve their processes and make decisions based on the application of analytics and artificial intelligence on large volumes of data generated by the hospital itself."

Dr. Ricardo Ramos

VP Health Analytics

Funcional Health Tech